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Strategic Planning

The Assessment Team will provide step-by-step support in creating an appropriate strategic plan that will address our organizational partners’ goals, measurements, and people.

Included in the Strategic Planning process are:

  • a complete review of how best to measure progress and improvement based upon the resources at the organization’s disposal
  • appropriate timelines for achievement
  • accountability structures
  • consideration of any external partnerships such as accreditation, state, or federal requirements.
Organizational Size
Starting Fee Structure
1-50 employees $10,000
51 – 100 employees $15,000
101 – 250 employees $25,000
251 – 500 employees $35,000
501+ $50,000

The total cost of services depends on a host of factors, including the number of employees, established processes and procedures, the number of areas included in the improvement process, and level of in-house talent to support the process.