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Future Focused.

People Centered.

Process improvement services for organizations, colleges and universities, and government agencies

Who We Are

The Assessment Team focuses on improving the operational environment of our organizational partners. We do this by focusing on the organization’s goals and most important resource—its people.

Every organizational partner receives personal services from dedicated industry professionals that are experienced and credentialed. We focus on helping our organizational partners realize their desired success without unnecessary frills and costs.

Meet Our CEO

What We Do

Strategic Planning

We provide step-by-step support in creating an appropriate strategic plan to address our organizational partners’ goals, measurements, and people.


We review and advise current assessment efforts based upon our organizational partners’ needs.

Organizational Effectiveness

We work with Higher Education partners to help them design, implement, and improve academic program assessment processes.

Survey Design & Distribution

We design, build, and distribute surveys for our organizational partners and we can teach our partners how to do this work themselves.

Curriculum Development

We help transition our organizational partners’ ideas to tangible content knowledge dissemination and appropriate assessments based upon desired outcomes.